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OH HELL! it's been about 3489 years since the last time i've updated. man f that, i got too much shit to be doin then sitting in livejournal & writing to people about my life. there is way too much to type. but today for some odd reason i deleted all my other entries and wanted to update and also took this lil quiz thinger. so high 5 to manda. heck yes.

but ya, i have no boyfriend. boys are so gay. they are such assholes and always fuck up shit somehow. my girl just got locked up, she got a baby and she got like 3 felonys and 15 misti's and shit. i'ma miss her ass man. i have a crush on this dude, who will defintely remain nameless. he has no idea and prolly would never think that i would but i do. hoewell. i have no bestfriend. me and taylor stopped talkin awhile ago cuz she started going out with adam and i started going out with jason and we just stopped talking. that's my girl tho, no matter what i'ma be here for her. although she tried to get smart with me today bout some shit heard i said or whatever. she the only chik that can talk shit without me gettin mad. we ain't even friends anymore, fuck it. and with meg, man she all caught up with her mans, lee, so i'ma let her be cuz that's what i did with me and jason. so i'ma get payback.

school is almost over! thank god. i'm graduating next year and i can't wait. i'ma miss all the seniors, well most.. they all starting to talk shit now that it's almost time for them to get out. i got them tho. haters haters haters. i swear. but ya, me and emily been chillin a lot. that's my girl. but i'm out. lmao.
here's the quizzer thing.->Describe Your ]
x. [Wallet] i don't have one i use my backpocket.
x. [Hairbrush] i have like 7 of them
x. [Toothbrush] one is pink & white and the other is purple & white
x. [Jewelry Worn Daily] necklace with my charms
x. [Blanket] leopard
x. [Facewash] some apricot scrub shit lol
x. [Coffee Cup] eew
x. [Sunglasses] i don't wear them
x. [Underwear] thongs!
x. [Shoes] flipflops, heels, sneakers? wth
x. [Favourite Shirt] i have no idea
x. [Favourite Pants] these light blue abercrombie&fitch ones
x. [CD In Stereo Right Now] Jay-z black album
x. [Tattoos] i'm gettin hello kitty on my hipbone
x. [Piercings] belly button, cartilidge(sp), & ears
x. [What You Are Wearing Now] light blue mudd pants, white american eagle undershirt, & this orange shirt that says "misty ranch ride 'em cowboy" &white old navy flipflops
x. [Hair] down.

[ When was the last time you ... ]
x. [Smiled] 2 mins ago
x. [Laughed] 2 mins ago
x. [Cried] like the night before last :/
x. [Bought] today
x. [Danced] about 10 mins ago
x. [Were Sarcastic] bout a hour ago
x. [Had A Nightmare] the other night bout jason
x. [Last Book You Read] sex chronicles 2
x. [Last Movie You Saw} stand tall
x. [Last Thing You Had To Drink] water
x. [Last Thing You Had To Eat] chinese food
[ Body ]
x. [What Do You Like Most About Your Body] my stomach
x. [And Least?] my arms

x. [How Many Fillings Do You Have] 0
x. [Do You Think You Are Good-Looking] .. not really.
x. [Do Other People Often Tell You That You're Good-Looking] ya
x. [Do You Look Like Any Celebrities] lots of people say i look like the bi chick off of road rules, rachel
[ Fashion ]
x. [Do You Wear A Watch] no
x. [How Many Coats And Jackets Do You Own] a lot
x. [Favorite Pants Color] blue?
x. [Most Expensive Item Of Clothing] this 74$ hoody from abercrombie&fitch
x. [Describe Your Style In One Word] perfect :x
[ Your Friends ] x
. [Do Your Friends Know You] yep
There Traits In You That Are Universally Liked?] i don't get it?
x. [How Many People Do You Tell Everything To] like 4 or 5, maybe 6 or 7 lol
[ Music;Television;Books ]
x. [Favourite Band Ever] i have no idea
x. [Type of Music Most Listened To] hip-hop, r&b, rap

x. [Favourite Book?] addicted
[ General Questions ]
x. [Sunny or Rainy Day] rainy
x. [Do You Consider Yourself Lucky] sometimes
x. [Do You Feel Pity For People Who Commit Suicide] na
x. [Choose One Word To Describe How You Most Often Feel] happy&hyper
x. [Do You Own Plaid Clothing] ya like 4 or 5 pj pants
x. [Is There More Than One Zipper On Your Pants] no
x. [Do You Own Braces] no
x. [Does Your Hairstyle Exceed A Height Of Three Inches] ya it's down to my belly button
x. [Would You Classify Your Hair As A Deadly Weapon] defintely not.
x. [Do You Have A Favorite Brand Of Hair Dye] i've never died my hair
x. [Do You Own A Bandana] ya 2 or 3
x. [Are You Amused By Safety Pins] no they scare me like the kids who put them on their bookbags do.
x. [Have You Ever Used Duct Tape As A Sewing Substitute] i have

x. [Do You Like Candles] yes
x. [Do You Believe In Love] ya
x. [Do You Believe In Soul Mates] yep
x. [Do You Believe In Love At First Sight] ya kinda
x. [What Do You Want Done With Your Body When You Die? uh, to be buried?
x. [What Are You Gonna Do When You Get Older] prolly own my own daycare
x. [How Many Songs Do You Have On Your Computer] like 12 my computer is slow

x. [What Band Are You Listening To] jay-z

x. [Look Out Your Window... Tell Me What You See] pool, nik&chris, max, & the golfcourse

x. [If You Could Have Any Animal For A Pet] omg a monkey!
x. [What Is The Longest You Ever Stayed Up] 2 days
[ Habits;Beliefs ]
x. [Are You Disgruntled] i don't know what that means :[

x. [Are You An Anarchist?] i don't think so
x. [Do You Smoke Cigarettes?] heck no

x. [Are You A Vegetarian?] defintely not.
x. [Do You Think Meat Is Murder] no.
x. [Have You Ever Slept In An Alley Or Park] lmao no.
x. [Do You Wash Your Hair Less Than Once A Week] no.

x. [Have You Ever Gone A Week Without A Shower?] no
[ About Me]
x. [Age] 16
x. [Birthday] 7/30/87

x. [Sign] Leo
x. [Location] DelaWHERE?
x. [Status] single
x. [Crush] this dude, he's so hot and would never guess, EVER, that i'd have a crush on him
x. [Natural Hair Colour] light brown
x. [Current Hair Colour] light brown
x. [Eye Colour] green, nigga!
x. [Height] 5'7
x. [Shoe size] 8
x. [Parents] Chris&Karen

x. [Siblings] nik&chris
x. [Live With] mom, dad, chris, nik, max, & fatboy
[ Favourites ]
x. [Number] 7
x. [Color] pink
x. [Day] friday
x. [Month] july

x. [Song] i have nooo idea.

x. [Movie] crazy/beautiful
x. [Food] italian sub with SWEET PEPPERS!
x. [Season] summer
x. [Class] child development
x. [Teacher] ms. stull
x. [Veggie] Corn
x. [Television Show] realworld and/or roadrules
x. [Store] abercrombie&fitch
x. [Animal] turtle
x. [Flower] pink & white roses

[ This;That ]
x. [Me;You] you
x. [Coke;Pepsi] pepsi
x. [Day;Night] day
x. [CD;Cassette] CD
x. [Jeans;Khakis] Jeans
x. [Car;Truck] Car
x. [Tall;Short] depends

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